HEALTH Gene Technologies presents new products at Bundelkhand University in Jhansi, India

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HEALTH Gene Technologies took part in an international conference on Advances in Forensic DNA technology organized by Institute of Forensic Science and Criminology at Bundelkhand University in the city of Jhansi on February 22-24.

The conference was a push for connecting academics, students, the police and new technology developers to have a joint conversation about the present state and the future advances of forensic DNA technologies in the country. As cities in India are building a number of new forensic DNA laboratories in response to rising crime rates, there is a pressing need to share experience among laboratory experts.

The presentations in the conference were primarily focused on STR forensic analysis, many sharing case experiences of sexual assault, murder, kidnapping and paternity disputes.

HEALTH Gene Technologies took the opportunity to introduce a new kit of SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit for complex kinship and paternity cases.

Forensic State Laboratory in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh State, presented own experience of working with the kit in a speech titled “Use of Alternative STR Markers in Forensic DNA Typing”. The presentation focused on three complex paternity cases that would have been difficult to solve without complementary loci kits.

For more information about HEALTH Gene Technologies’ SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit, press here :


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