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Health Gene Technologies took part in China-Russia official Chinese medicine partnership launch ceremony


On 29th May, 2015, a large and official launch ceremony on Russia and China Cooperation for Chinese Medicine took place in a prestigious Diaoyutai Hotel in Beijing, China.

Russian representatives visited Beijing in order to help set up a comprehensive trade plan, establish a trade agency and make a public announcement on the future actions.

Health Gene Technologies was also taking part in the ceremony, presenting their products and the innovative AFA technology based on CE

中俄中医药全面合作启动仪式 触摸球

About Health Gene Technologies

Health Gene Technologies founded in August 2011 is focused on gene analysis, molecular diagnostics product development, as well as the production and the sales of the products. HGT boasts 2,000 square meters of molecular diagnostics R&D laboratory and a 1,000 square metre GMP standard purification plant. It employs both domestic and foreign leading molecular diagnostics and production management personnel, led by the professional R&D team.

Inspired by our motto “Health Technologies • Healthy Life” HGT commits to high standard AFA product development. The unique AFA technology is dedicated to independent R&D and production of nucleic acid molecule detection products. The products comply with leading international standards for human ID and paternity identification, infectious pathogen detection, individualized medication guide and provides the most superior molecular detection solutions.


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