HEALTH Gene Tech at AACC 2015

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Atlanta, USA 28th to 30th July

This is Health Gene Tech’s second appearance at AACC:AACC is the largest and most professional exhibition in clinical laboratory history. It brings together more than 700 exhibitors and 18’000 visitors from more than 100 countries around the world: chief laboratory physicians, business managers and executives, medical experts, product development experts, and other high profile executives. This is the best place to be and catch up with the hottest news in the clinical medicine world this year.


Health Gene Tech’s on show exhibits included capillary electrophoresis analyzer-3500xl Dx and three lines of reagent kits developed on the analyzer, ie. CE-IVD marked HPV 25X multiplex kit, ALDH2/ADH1B genotyping kit and CYP2C19 genotyping kit. Additionally, visitors could take a look at human identification kits and RUO reagents.



The picture above shows on of the main platforms that Health Gene Tech’s reagents are compatible with- ABI3500xlDx.


Health Gene Tech exhibited up-to-date molecular diagnostic products and will keep on dedicating its efforts to developing more sophisticatedGene Fragment Analysis Applications.


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